WELCOME to Pilgrim Jiu Jitsu


Welcome to Pilgrim Jiu Jitsu,

We are a small training group located in Freelton Ontario,Canada.

Our curriculum is based on my journey of 35 years of life and training in various martial arts. it is multi-disciplinary and covers grappling, striking along with weapons training.

We are honored to represent Chris and Melissa Haueter by being part of the Combat Base Club, and John Koeshall by being an affiliate of the Thru the Fire training organization.

We are committed to facilitate a friendly and challenging training environment, to provide a laboratory for like minded people to gather and help each other improve and become better.

Our goal is to facilitate a no pressure learning experience at an affordable price, so that everyone has the opportunity to try training and find that passion for something that may have seemed out of reach. Our fees are straight forward and all inclusive.

There are no contracts

There are no required academy uniforms

Any and all promotions will be based on your effort and actions on and off the mat

We recognize that we all choose to train in Martial Arts for our own individual reasons, that is why we support all of our training partners in whatever their goals may be and simply provide the opportunity to improve their skills in a welcoming and challenging atmosphere.